Christmas, family and priceless gifts December 23, 2013 12:20

It's two days until Christmas.  Children everywhere await the arrival of Santa Claus, eagerly awaiting Christmas morning to see what gifts they have received. This is nice and to see a child's happy face and their joy is truly a gift in and of itself.  But a gift that doesn't cost a dime is the gift of time.  So often, we all rush through life and the holidays and we never take the time just to enjoy being with each other -- without the cell phones, electronic devices and other distractions.  I know I'm constantly checking emails and responding to texts and it's too consuming.  So with the new year, I'm going to make an effort, even if it's several hours a day or a full weekend, just to spend more time with my family and loved ones and get away from the modern tech age to enjoy the gifts of family companionship, love, laughter, beautiful nature and as always, beautiful music.  Happy holidays to one and all and may the new year bring you all these priceless gifts and more.