Protect our children! December 5, 2013 12:09

I am an advocate of quality family programming and, in a viewing world of reality shows and PG13 programming, which in reality qualifies as an "R" rating, I wish more people would see the importance of protecting the quality of our youth's TV and film viewing environment.  I believe the downswing in child viewing protection or poor role model influence started in the 80s with Madonna when she used the child in her video to watch her basically doing a strip tease.   It has escalated to prime time exposure of body parts (by Janet Jackson), on screen kiss between Madonna and Brittney and now to Miley Cyrus -- who has done basically every classless act imaginable.   Children are impressionable and should have role models who have a semblance of morality.  I ask you, whatever happened to having talent to gain exposure rather than exposure gaining exposure?  And this is why I am so proud my show is rated G and my children's books expound the importance of family and the qualities of dedication, loyalty and perseverance to move ahead in this world.